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Southern Ontario is densely populated and has the majority of Ontario's population. This section will cover areas anywhere South of the Huntsville/Parry Sound latitude, excluding the Bruce Peninsula and the Niagara Region.
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Toronto is Ontario's capital city. It is the biggest city in Canada. Toronto has over 2 million population and the whole GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has a population of nearly 6 million. Toronto defines diversity with more than half of its population born outside of Canada. It is an ever growing city. Toronto is home to major sports teams such as the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and the MLBA's Toronto Blue Jays.

Even though Toronto is a huge city with large buildings and tons of people, it does have hidden gems throughout the city fgor the nature lovers. There are a few conservation areas and parks throughout the Toronta area nature enthusiasts can find time away from the city. You can get a list of conservation areas that offer woodland trails on the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority website:

Toronto is also near Canada's Wonderland which is located in Vaughan, ON. Canada's Wonderland is the biggest amusement park in Ontario. Home of the Behemoth, the Windseeker and the Drop Zone, Canada's Wonderland is definitely a hotspot for thrill seekers. You can get all the information you need here:


At Ontario's Southwestern tip is the city of Windsor. Windsor has a population of about 210,000. It is home to perhaps the busiest border crossing in Canada with the Ambassador Bridge and a tunnel crossing into Detroit, MI. Windsor is home to Caesar's Windsor Hotel and Casino if you are the gambling type. There isn't much green in Windsor, but there are some good places to hike including the Chrysler Greenway and the Ojibway Nature Center and Park. Point Pelee and the ferry to Pelee Island are within a 50km drive from Windsor. The Detroit River and Lake St-Clair can both be fun if you own a watercraft or if you enjoy fishing. Windsor is also home to the University Of Windsor and St-Clair College.

For more info about Windsor, you can visit:  


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