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Northern Ontario is home to dense wilderness and endless lakes and rivers. It hosts many interesting communities and has some of the most beautiful forests in Ontario.
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Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is arguably one of Ontario's best fishing lakes. It is nestled in Northern Ontario and you can see it from Callander, ON all the way to Lavigne, ON. The lake is almost 900 square kilometers and is a relatively shallow lake. Its bays host amazing fishing opportunities and the whole lake is surrounded by camping and fishing camps. North Bay and Sturgeon Falls also give great access to Lake Nipissing. Last time we were in North Bay, we could see fish from the pier and the people fishing, were catching fish as we walked by. While you are in North Bay, you can take a scenic cruise on the Chief Commanda II and see Lake Nipissing first hand. The lake is also home to great beaches, every city with Lake Nipissing access will have a few beaches. To this day, Lake Nipissing is one of my favorite lakes.

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Sturgeon Falls
Sturgeon Falls is mentioned here because it gives great access to Lake Nipissing and camps along the lake. Its population is around 6000 and it is home of the best chipstands I've ever had. Here is the Blog article from our Blog before it was taken down:

Chip Stand Wars: Do you love French fries? I know I do, and I know where to find the best chip stand in Ontario...

  Sturgeon Falls, Ontario is small Northern Ontario town near the west side of Lake Nipissing. It is nestled along Hwy. 17, the Trans-Canada highway. Its population is about 6000 people. Sturgeon Falls is now better known as West Nipissing, which includes Sturgeon Falls and surrounding towns.

  This is a nice, small community with a couple of hidden gems that everyone should know about. How often do you find a chip truck or a chip wagon and think, "Mmmmm, poutine!"? If you are like me, this happens every time you see one. But unfortunately, most of the time I leave disappointed. That will not happen in Sturgeon Falls when you visit Larry's Chip Stand or Le P'tit Riv on Main St. off Hwy.17.

  I was lucky enough to grow up and eat at these places on a regular basis. But ever since I have left, I have never found an equivalent poutine or pogo. Larry's Chip Stand is bar none the best poutine I have ever had. They give you the option of shredded cheese or curds. I always go for the shredded, it is spectacular. The mix of gravy, cheese and fries is perfect and the taste and texture of the poutine is unmatchable. The pogos are handmade and crisp. Get them with mustard and you are in for a treat. The only downside is that the chip stands are only open from spring to fall. They will close during the winter. 

  I have tried many poutines from many different places in Ontario, and none compare to Larry's Chip Stand. The Riv Chip Stand is arguably as good but my favourite is Larry's. Some locals have mixed opinions about which is best, that's how good they are. Both chip stands have been featured in the Globe and Mail and according to the article; they are the most famous French fry stands in Canada. I for one believe it. 

  For one of the best Canadian food experiences you will ever have, stop at Larry's Chip Stand when you drive through Sturgeon Falls, ON. Have a poutine and a pogo and indulge it top-notch Canadian cuisine.
You will never find a poutine or a pogo as good again...

You can read the Globe and Mail article by following this link:

If ever you are camping or fishing on Lake Nipissing and you are in Sturgeon Falls, be sure to visit Larry's Chip Stand on Main St., right off the Trans-Canada highway and treat yourself to a poutine.



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